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Our Program of Research


Premise for ‘A SHARED Future’: Relationships Matter for Reconciliation First and foremost, this program of research is about reconciliation between knowledge systems; it must be foundational to our work together. From this premise, renewable energy is our chosen platform for exploring reconciliation and moving towards healing our relationships with each other and the world around us. Our goal for A SHARED Future… Bring forward stories of reconciliation and healing in intersectoral partnerships under the umbrella of renewable energy conservation, efficiency, and development. Outcomes for A SHARED Future… Bring to light new and restored understandings of integrative health by sharing our [...]

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Completed Projects


2015-2016 Sharing our knowledge and moving forward collectively to improve access to healthcare for Atlantic Canadians. Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Lois Jackson. CIHR Planning and Dissemination Grant - Institute Community Support. 2015-2016 Wise Funding Practice: Exploring Indigenous funding criteria with a CBR team. Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Margaret Robinson. CIHR Catalyst Grant - HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research. 2012-2016 Our ancestors are in our land, water, and air: A ‘Two-Eyed Seeing’ approach to researching environmental health concerns with Pictou Landing First Nation. CIHR 2011 Operating Grant Competition. 2013-2016 “You go to the emergency, you are treated like dirt”: Reducing Aboriginal experiences of racism in health care through [...]

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Meet the Team


Heather Castleden Nominated Principal Investigator Canada Research Chair in Reconciling Relations for Health, Environments, and Communities Associate Professor- Queen’s University, Kingston, ON Heather has rich experience in leading/co-leading large teams, including (for example) a recently completed national study on integrative Indigenous and Western Knowledge for Water Research and Management (funded by the Canadian Water Network NCE), involving First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Nations from across the country, and as a Principal Investigator with the multi-million dollar NEAHR Network (Atlantic Aboriginal Health Research Program). She has worked extensively with Indigenous peoples across Canada. She will provide Programmatic administrative and intellectual oversight, [...]

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The ‘A SHARED Future’ Inaugural Gathering Was a Success!


Last week HEC Lab Research Director Heather, HEC Lab Research Coordinator Rob, and MA candidate Jon attended the A SHARED Future’s first ever gathering. The meeting was graciously hosted by the T’Sou-ke Nation located on Vancouver Island, BC. This was the first opportunity for researchers, Knowledge Holders and other stakeholders involved in the A SHARED Future project to gather in one place. Attendees came from across Canada - as far East as Nova Scotia, from Vancouver Island itself and many places in between. This gathering was extremely productive despite the short amount of time we spent together. We used both group [...]

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