Completed Projects

2015-2016 Sharing our knowledge and moving forward collectively to improve access to healthcare for Atlantic Canadians. Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Lois Jackson. CIHR Planning and Dissemination Grant – Institute Community Support. 2015-2016 Wise Funding Practice: Exploring Indigenous funding criteria with a CBR team. Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Margaret Robinson. CIHR Catalyst Grant – HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research.Continue Reading Completed Projects

The ‘A SHARED Future’ Inaugural Gathering Was a Success!

Last week HEC Lab Research Director Heather, HEC Lab Research Coordinator Rob, and MA candidate Jon attended the A SHARED Future’s first ever gathering. The meeting was graciously hosted by the T’Sou-ke Nation located on Vancouver Island, BC. This was the first opportunity for researchers, Knowledge Holders and other stakeholders involved in the A SHAREDContinue Reading The ‘A SHARED Future’ Inaugural Gathering Was a Success!