Current Projects


The A SHARED Future program of research is about reconciliation between knowledge systems; it must be foundational to our work together.

Our Ancestors Are in Our Lands, Water, and Air

To date we have been researching the impacts of the pulp and paper mill in the estuary adjacent to the community of Pictou Landing First Nation, known as A’se’k, which provided us with the foods, medicines, transportation, shelter, and tools we have needed to survive and thrive since time immemorial.

Tasii?akqin ?uyaqhmisukqin (Our Journey, Our Story):
Huu-ay-aht Perspectives on Modern Treaty Implementation

Our Journey, Our Choice, Our Future is a comprehensive case study in partnership with Huu-ay-aht First Nations that employs a community-based participatory approach and intends to document, understand, and evaluate their journey to accepting the Treaty, as well as the issues, decision-making processes, and outcomes associated with implementing their Treaty.

Making Space for Ceremony

For many Indigenous Peoples, Ceremonies have always been a part of everyday life for
individual and community health and wellbeing.

Spirit of the Lakes

The link between healthy lands, waters, and people has been known, embodied, and taught in Indigenous societies since time immemorial, yet these knowledge systems have been largely delegitimized, ignored, or dismissed in the natural sciences in our pursuit to solve environmental problems.