Our Ancestors Are in Our Lands, Waters, and Air

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Our Ancestors Are in Our Lands, Waters, and Air

In partnership with Pictou Landing Native Women’s Group

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To date we have been researching the impacts of the pulp and paper mill in the estuary adjacent to the community of Pictou Landing First Nation, known as A’se’k, which provided us with the foods, medicines, transportation, shelter, and tools we have needed to survive and thrive since time immemorial. Now we want to (1) share our novel health-related knowledge vis-à-vis a documentary film about our integrative research, and (2) using the film as a catalyst, investigate how university-based and community-based researchers across disciplines, professions, and sectors can begin to conceptualize a Two-Eyed Seeing approach in their own research in the spirit of healing and reconciliation in Indigenous health.

Photo credit: Mark Gibson