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Our Journey, Our Story

Tasii?akqin ?uyaqhmisukqin (Our Journey, Our Story): Huu-ay-aht Perspectives on Modern Treaty Implementation

In Partnership with Huu-ay-aht First Nations
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Advisory Committee: Tayii Ḥaw̓ ił ƛiišin, Edward Johnson Jr., Jane Peters, Stella Peters, Mercedes Williams, Simon Dennis

Tasii?akqin ?uyaqhmisukqin is the continuation of a long-standing research collaboration with Huu-ay-aht First Nations, one of the five First Nation signatories of the Maa-nulth Treaty. Since 2005, various sources of SSHRC funding have supported the undertaking of a community-driven comprehensive study about the multi-faceted experiences of becoming a Modern Treaty Nation, contributing to the negotiation process and the early years of the implementation journey from community perspectives

The goal of this new research project is to identify, document, and critically understand and analyze how Huu-ay-aht citizens are experiencing the first decade of implementation as the Nation prepares for the 2026 ‘Periodic Review’ of the Maa-nulth Treaty. Accordingly, our research would run alongside the Huu-ay-aht implementation pathway. In doing so, our study is intended to first contribute to Huu- ay-aht First Nations’ ability to adequately and effectively implement its Final Agreement, second to add to academic critiques of modern treaties, and third to contribute to policy and process alternatives.

Photo credit: Jon Aarssen